Tala’s 2020 Vision: We’re Excited About the Future

February 24th, 2020

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2020 promises exciting times ahead for Tala. Our selection as a finalist in the RSAC 2020 Innovation Sandbox is a fantastic validation of the groundbreaking work Tala has done to solve a critical security problem faced by almost every business with an online presence.

When we take to the stage at the RSAC Innovation Sandbox, we’ll do so as one of the top 10 pioneering startups in cybersecurity, ready to discuss some of the boldest and most compelling innovations in this space. I am incredibly honored to have been granted this opportunity to highlight our unique approach to securing the modern web’s weakest link: the client side. These client-side vulnerabilities have been at the heart of some of the biggest data-breach stories of the past two years and have cost companies millions of dollars in fines and brand damage. The attacks are evolving all the time and increasing in scale. Right now, less than 1% of website operators deploy security policies capable of preventing these attacks; customer trust in online banking and online commerce is at stake.

Re-defining Web Security

Over the last decade, the world’s most creative companies have transformed the web in order to enable richer experiences online. In particular, the modern web depends increasingly on the client device for compute and storage, creating new security challenges and exposing the client device to new types of attacks. Unfortunately, the security industry hasn’t kept up with these changes.

Thankfully, all the major browser manufacturers have built, and continue to build, powerful security standards and controls that, leveraged correctly, could solve a lot of these new web security challenges. In fact, companies like Google are actively leveraging these controls to protect their mission-critical web assets.

Tala’s automation promises to bring the same level of security and control that pioneers like Google have brought to their mission-critical web applications to every web site, every web application. Tala’s mission is to secure the modern web.

What Motivates Us

We are honored that the industry, media and our investors genuinely recognize and support Tala’s vision. Notable accolades include our selection as a Gartner Cool Vendor in 2019, TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor in 2020, and now we are Finalists in the 2020 RSAC Innovation Sandbox.

But what really motivates us is hearing directly from our customers that we are making a difference to their business. When they regularly tell us that our commitment to delivering a world-class customer experience keeps us among the best security startups they’ve had the chance to work with, we are motivated to keep pressing forward. Customer satisfaction is key to success and we’re seeing that in increased demand for client-side security evaluation and deployment requests. Enterprises care about their customers’ data and their end-to-end website experience, they want to deliver the best of both worlds for them.

Our New Logo

You may also notice that we’ve revamped our logo to more effectively communicate our brand’s promise. As such, we’ve given the core padlock (‘Tala’ means ‘lock’) image from our previous logo a digital update. The grid of nine boxes that form the base of the lock recalls the binary code at the foundation of the internet, with a turquoise “T” for Tala highlighted in the grid.

We are pumped about the new look and you’ll soon start to see our new logo across the website and all of our collateral, including shirts and other swag.

If you are interested in understanding your organization’s unique exposure to client-side risk, be sure to request a website risk study. Also, we are aggressively growing and hiring across all levels in engineering, marketing as well as sales. If you’re interested in being part of one of the fastest-growing security startups in the Bay Area, please email us at jobs@talasecurity.io.



Aanand Krishnan, CEO and Founder of Tala Security

Written by Aanand Krishnan, CEO and Founder of Tala Security

CEO & Founder of Tala Security